TEC Now and Beyond
A decade+ of research on earthquake science
at Taiwan Earthquake Research Center

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TimeSpeaker & Title
Venue : Research Center for Environmental Changes Building, 7F Taiwan Earthquake Research Center
08:30-08:45 Registration
08:45 – 09:15Host : Kuo-Fong Ma (NCU, IESAS)
Openning Remarks & Photo time:
President of Academia Sinica, James C. Liao
Director General of MOST, Minn-Tsong Lin
Academician of AS, Ta-Liang Teng
Director of IES, Sun-Lin Chung
09:15 – 10:30Break & Poster session
Venue: 2F Colloquium room, the IES building, Academia Sinica
Convener : Ruey-Juin Rau (NCKU)
10:30 – 10:45 Ruey-Juin Rau (NCKU)
2019 Update of the Taiwan Earthquake Hazard Model
10:45 – 11:00 Mark Stirling (U of Otago)
Periodicity vs aperiodicity of major earthquakes on fault sources
11:00 – 11:15 John Vidale (USC)
Long-period earthquake ground motions in the Los Angeles basin
11:15 – 11:30 Kate Chen (NTNU)
Slow earthquakes in Taiwan
11:30 – 11:45 Cheng-Horng Lin (IES)
Volcano Seismic Observations in Taiwan
11:45 – 12:00 Honn Kao (Geological Survey of Canada)
BATS and Broadband Seismology in Taiwan
12:00-14:00Venue: Research Center for Environmental Changes Building,
7F Taiwan Earthquake Research Center
Lunch & Poster
Venue: 2F Colloquium room, the IES building, Academia Sinica
Convener: Hao Kuo-Chen (NCU)
14:00–14:15 Jim Mori (Kyoto U)
Learning about Fault Friction of Large Earthquakes using Fault Zone Drilling from TCDP to JFAST
14:15–14:30 Hsin-Hua Huang (IES)
Can we do better before the largest ground shaking comes?
14:30–14:45 Kuo-Liang Wen (NCU)
Microtremor Survey and Application in Taiwan
14:45–15:00 Fabrice Cotton (U of Potsdam)
Toward the new generation of ground-shaking models
15:00–15:15 Shiann-Jong Lee (IES)
Toward the real-time computational seismology earthquake report in Taiwan
15:15–15:30 Luis Dalguer (3Q-Lab GmbH)
Recent Discussions of Ground Motion Models for Seismic Hazard Assessment in Nuclear Installations: The Role of Physics-Based Rupture Models
Venue: 2F Colloquium room, the IES building, Academia Sinica
Convener : Ya-Ju Hsu (IES)
16:00–16:15Victor Tsai (Brown U)
Predicting earthquake ground motions with simplified physical models
16:15–16:30Ying-Nien Chen (NCCU)
Measuring NCF dispersion without the long interstation distance limitation – a new method based on hybrid peak time matching
16:30-16:45Fan-Chi Lin (U of Utah)
Imaging detailed crustal structure based on dense seismic arrays
16:45–17:00Wei-An Chao (NCTU)
Multi-time-stage landslide prevention and mitigation with seismology
17:00–17:15Hiroo Kanamori (Caltech)
Old method for modern data
18:00-20:00 Dinner Banquet (by invitation)
Name Poster Title

Chung-Han Chan (EOS), Kuo-Fong Ma (NCU) & J. Bruce H. Shyu (NTU)Retrospect and prospect of the Taiwan seismic hazard assessments
Che-Min Lin (NCREE) Strong-motion characteristics and site database in Taiwan
Hiroyuki Fujiwara & Ken Xiansheng Hao (Japan NSHM) Japan national and global seismic hazard assessments
Matt Gerstenberger (GNS)The New Zealand National Seismic Hazard Modelling Programme

TCDP core x2
Yen-Yu Lin (NCU) & Hong-Yu Wu (E-DREaM)Borehole observatories in Taiwan Chelungpu Drilling Project
Li-Wei Kuo (NCU) Record in the Chi-Chi principal slip zone of the Chelungpu fault, Taiwan
Hiroki Sone (U of Wisconsin-Madison)
TAIGER/ ATSEEFrancis Wu (USC), Chien-Ying Wang (NCU), Hao Kuo-Chen (NCU) Dense seismic array deployments in Taiwan
GNSS Ya-Ju Hsu (IES)Instant GPS analysis platform established for GPS data processing and observation results sharing
Kuo-En Ching (NCKU)Contribution of geodetic data to the Taiwan seismic hazard assessment
Yoshihiro Ito (Kyoto U)Ground motion and its ocean bottom amplification in subduction zones
Ryota Hino(Tohoku U)Behavior of the Tohoku-Oki megathrust revealed by seafloor seismological, tsunami and geodetic observations
Seafloor GeodesyHorng-Yue Chen (IES)Current status of GPS/acoustic observations in Taiwan
SW TaiwanYi-Ying Wen (NCCU) & Strong Wen (NCCU) Prepare for the next hazard earthquake: The study in seismogenic zone in southwestern Taiwan
CGS - active faults Shih-Ting Lu (CGS) & Chi-Wen Lin (CGS) Exploding Evolution and Perspectives of Active Fault Studies after the Chi-Chi Earthquake
CWB seismic network and data Nai-Chi Hsiao (CWB) Developments of the seismic monitoring at CWB in Taiwan
Heidi Houston (USC)
OBS Ban-Yuan Kuo (IES) OBS project of Taiwan: From the SW Ryukyu subduction zone to the Pacific oldest-2
OBS-sp Shiou-Ya Wang (NCU), Shu-Kun Hsu (NCU)Seismotectonics of the southermost Ryukyu subduction zone
P alert Yih-Min Wu (NTU) Development of a real-time shakemap system using low cost sensors
SCS seismic network Bor-Shouh Huang (IES) Development of a seismic monitoring surrounding the South China Sea for earthquake and Tsunami
Philippine Po-Fei Chen (NCU) Studying the Upper Mantle Anisotropy beneath NW Mindoro by Shear Wave Splitting
Solomon Yu-Ting Kuo (IES), Yue-Gau Chen (NTU) Preliminary result from the GPS and seismic network at the Western Solomon Islands
DMC Wen-Tzong Liang (IES) & Chin-Jen Lin (IES) Introduction to the TEC Instrumentation and Data Services